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tips and tricks for physical experience
for my Goddaughter, K

Actually this is for K's Mommy, who has her hands full with an Indigo and doesn't quite understand what's going on. K, you probably remember more of this stuff than I do. Just in case Mommy is still looking for the strategy guide, I wanted to jot down a few things I've found helpful for me.

First, you are absolutely precious and of immense value, exactly as you are. Remember that.

Second, we chose to have this physical experience. It was very important to us to focus ourselves into physical expression, so value this place.

We chose the people and circumstances we were born into, and we've been choosing experiences ever since-- even though we didn't have a manual and may have forgotten how we were doing the choosing.

Everything happens by agreement, even if we can't see that at the time.

(Just because you may have agreed to experience things you did not prefer, does not mean you need to continue that idea. Do not ever put up with anyone who tries to tell you that you are less-than.) You are absolutely precious and of immense value, exactly as you are. Remember that.

Our vibration/ frequency/ current is made up of our beliefs, focus of attention, emotions and actions-- this is what chooses, this is what determines what station we pick up.

Everything already exists. (tv channels are all sending signals at same time.)

We are not at the mercy of the past in this life or of any other lifetime. (Everything is now.)

What we think and believe determines how we feel. No one has a feeling about something unless they have a definition about that something. Everything is inherently neutral. We can decide to get a positive, negative, or no result from every thing.

We are always at choice about how we feel. We can change our focus of attention and/or we can change our definitions. Feeling good is good, it is our natural state, and we always have the option of feeling good.

We are all individuals, and we are all One. Every single individual is adored by All That Is, even us. :) All That Is is within us, All That Is IS us. We are actually all All That Is, playing out different parts.

Each person's mission, purpose or goal for their lives is to be the best them they can be. Everything else is just how we choose to do that. There is great value in exploring individual preferences and quirks-- no two individuals are the same in all of Creation.

If someone doesn't share your truth about something that's okay. We all have our own points of view. Be open minded to new ideas that may serve you, but remember your point of view is just as valid as anybody else's. Even if no one else agrees, you do not have to change, and you do not have to explain yourself.

We never really die. Physical death is like walking into the next room, and it can be a lot nicer room. We can also make it terrifying for a little while but eventually we'll realize we're creating the scary holograms. We still exist.

Physical life is the closest we ever get to the idea of "death", because here we can believe we're separate and cut off. We're not.

Fear and love are the same energy, coming through different filters of beliefs and definitions. When we feel love, contentment and joy that tells us our filters/ beliefs are in alignment with who we really are. Fear, anger, guilt, and shame are what we feel when that same energy comes through filters/ beliefs that are not in alignment with who we really are. They are there because it is showing us what we wanted to know about ourselves, so that we can redefine or change beliefs if we choose.

We can play separation, limitation and victim games for as long as we want to. That's what free will is about. We can also decide to stop when we've had enough, when we're bored with it, when we are complete with those ideas/ explorations and are ready to play a more expanded game.

For every choice we make, there is another us who makes the other choice and goes on thinking they are the only self. These are called probable selves. They already exist, experiencing everything. Our mission is to choose which experiences we prefer -- not necessarily what is supposed to be the "good" or the "should" choice-- what we prefer, and experience that, decide if we liked it, make more choices, have more experiences.

You are absolutely precious and of immense value, exactly as you are. Remember that.

What we put out is what we get back. (current)

There is no good and bad. Everything Is. Judgment: "that is bad" or "I am not that" just increases the illusion of separation.

We are much much much more than we think we are.

Follow your bliss, your joy, your excitement and you will be in alignment with who you really are, your true natural self.

Ego is separation. Ego has allowed us to operate as individuals, and all individuals are of great value. The idea is not to "get rid of" the ego. The idea is to expand the ego-- operate as individual while realizing the separation is only an illusion, because we are all the same One, looking from many different points of view. Embrace All, embrace individual. release idea of judgment.

Every situation has a gift or pearl of wisdom in it. "How does this serve me, exactly as it is?" "What would I have to believe in order to experience this in this way?"

We all know exactly what we're doing. We always choose what we perceive to be closest to pleasure and furthest from pain. Our perceptions rely on our definitions, which we can explore and change if we want to.

Nobody needs to be saved, taught, or helped. We didn't come here to play savior. There are no victims. To assume someone else is not exactly where they want to be is like saying their soul is retarded and doesn't know what it's doing. It is a judgment made from too far away. Even if we are close with the person, we are not in their shoes having their experience. Everything happens by agreement, and the assumption/ judgment that they are helpless does not help. Acknowledge each individual's power and ability and choice.

How we feel about what we eat effects the body more than what we eat. If we think we need to eat "healthy" food, then we'd better. There are people who thrive no matter what, eating "junk" or not eating at all. A heavy focus on "health" is usually a sign of fear of dis-ease, which in itself creates dis-ease.

We shift probable realities all the time. Every time something changes, we are in another dimension, another reality, we are on a different planet and we are a different self. The illusion of continuity is just so "limited mind" doesn't go crazy. The idea is to expand the mind.

Physical motion requires consciousness moving through the point of view of thousands of different realities-- like film frames, each is its own complete unit, single point of view, single reality. Millions of realities are being moved through in order to experience the idea of typing this.

Attachment to "past" is part of the linear illusion. There are infinite pasts. What we remember as past -- we can use it, change it, or let it go.

"The future" is actually an infinite number of futures. "It" is not determined by the past, only by what we conjure, summon and create for ourselves in the now. We have an empty slate, and all possibilities we can imagine are available to us.

The present is not a result of the past, either. Everything we experience in the present moment is telling us about who we are, right now. now. now. now. Physical reality is a mirror.

Fear is a choice. Believing in evil is a choice. Believing things can harm you is a choice, so believing you need protection is a choice. If you believe you need protection, use it. Just know these are options, not necessities, not automatic and not inherently true. You can make them true and very real, or you can do something else with your energy.

We each have the total support of All That Is.

You are absolutely precious and of immense value, exactly as you are. Remember that.

Dis-ease, discomfort, degeneration and fatigue in the body are all alarm systems telling us we are out of alignment and could use an adjustment of our current. (See fourth item at beginning.)

The drama and trauma of the old paradigm is worn out. We've experienced all of that over and over again. We're creating a new world now, and so many of the old rules don't apply because we're realizing we are so much more than we thought we were. We can simply let go of old ideas that no longer serve us. Now is the time.


the new paradigm... this is not your mother's metaphysics.
Oh except for K, maybe it is ;)
Much appreciation for the guides who helped with this.

2005 Beth Shearon